Saturday, May 05, 2007


mum's garden
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happy cinco de mayo people!!

My brother informs me that it's to commemorate a jar of helman's falling overboard but I really know what the holiday is about. I also know that it's been userped by folks who sell tequila and sombreros and I suppose that later this evening, we'll fall victim to that whole thing. Not the sombreros so much but I do plan to make margaritas later.


we're also barbecuing. a neighbour couple are coming over for dinner. should be fun although, the wind is sort of cool right now so I'm doubtful that we'll be spending much time outside.

Today's been busy so far. Up early doing some chores around the house, a quick dash to the grocery store (we were at Costco last night but you can't ever really get everything you need at Costco) and then some dinner prep. It's a good thing that the fun times and nice visits always make you forget about all the hustle and bustle that impending company always brings.

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