Monday, May 14, 2007

little lunch buddy

little lunch buddy
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I like this photo because I was able to catch the bird in mid-air.

As you can tell, I'm enjoying my new camera hugely. I took it to work today with great intentions of walking around campus at lunch, taking photos of the construction.

Instead, I sat on a bench with a friend, in the sunshine, and had a chat and ate my sammich and didn't feed the birds.

Mean, I know.

It was really difficult to come back to work today after a fabulous birthday weekend. Really difficult, like insanely hard.

I did survive though, somehow. Poor Mark is a little worse for wear right now, he's got a migraine. The weather must be planning something bad for his head to be pounding so much. Fingers crossed, a good night's sleep will make it right again. No one needs to feel this bad, ever.

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