Wednesday, May 23, 2007

deep discussion

deep discussion
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It was so hard to concentrate on working today. Seriously difficult.

Because we still don't have a screen on our window at work, we had to break down and turn on the air conditioning today. It felt bad to turn it on, I know that if we could just open this one window, we'd have a cross breeze and it would be lovely.

As Ontario Hydro used to say, "wasting electricity turns people off." It turned me off to turn the AC on. Yuck.

At least there are only two more working days left this week. For a chunk of tomorrow and a chunk of Friday, I'm helping out at convocation so that's a nice break. It's so much fun, everyone smiles, the new grads, the proud parents, the little brothers and sisters who have tagged along. What's not to like about graduation? NOTHING, that's what!!

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