Sunday, February 12, 2006


gas station
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It's been a lovely sunny weekend here.

Everytime I step outside, I expect it to be very cold but it's not. It's actually been very pleasant.

Good thing the weather's nice because I'm sure that our day is going to be less than stellar.

We found out yesterday that Mark's jerkwad brother is visiting his dad today. Normally, a son visiting a father is nothing to be overly concerned with. We have to question his motives this time though. Joe's been in Kingston for almost 5 years and this is the first time that he'll be visiting here.

We plan to be at Joe's when they arrive. That should take the wind out of the sails if they are planning on hitting him up for some cash. Yes, they are that kind of trash, you'll only see them when there is money on the line (not that there is any money to be put on the line but you know what I mean).

*sigh* Oh well, could be worse right? Root canals are worse I've heard!

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