Monday, February 13, 2006


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How's your Monday going??

I have no idea where today went. It flew by that quickly. Yikes.

We stopped by Joe's tonight, to hear about his visit. We stayed with him for about 90 minutes, until they arrived. Mark's brother brought his wife and son and daughter-in-law with him, a buffer I suppose in numbers and all of that.

We didn't stick around and I'm glad, although I felt a little bad about leaving him alone with them. The poor guy had a bad cold and could hardly keep his eyes open. Top that off with the fact that Mark's idiot brother, who hadn't seen his dad since May 2002, took one look at him and said, "do they have you on prednisone? you have a moon face!"

Nice huh?? Apparently, they stayed about an hour and a bit and they didn't get any money from Joe so that's good. I'd be surprised if Joe was awake for most of the visit. I was just shocked at the behaviour. I mean, they come to visit and didn't bring him anything, not a newspaper, a couple of Gryfe's bagels, nothing. These people suck, big time.

As terrible as this sounds, I doubt very much that Joe will ever see them again. If they wait another five years, I don't think he'll be around to see them. I guess the important thing is that they feel good about themselves about this. I only hope this means that they will stop leaving obscene messages on our voice mail and generally being assholes. One can hope right??

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