Wednesday, February 15, 2006

knob knobs and mr waters

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do you have those stupid door knob advertisements in your town?

We have them here. They're sort of new actually, this particular type. Someone got a bright idea to sell ad space on a long, narrow piece of glossy paper and hang it on door knobs.

The first time we got one, I called the phone number on the flyer and asked to not receive them anymore. "Oh, no problem," was the response I was given. Apparently, it was a problem because every time I get one, I call and they don't stop coming.

I'm seriously considering organizing a boycott of the businesses who advertise on these silly things. If it's a huge deal to not deliver to my house, please don't tell me that you've taken me off of your route list. Weiners.

Speaking of weiners, or hot dogs, I guess, it's absolutely spring-y outside right now. We're planning on barbecuing tomorrow night. The snow on the barbecue is all melted so we hope to fire it up tomorrow night and grill some salmon. Yum. It's so nice to see the sun shining when I'm leaving for work in the morning. Tonight, we stopped off at Produce Town on the way home and it was still light out when we got home.

In other news, Mark is very excited that Roger Waters has announced a few dates on a European summer 2006 tour. He's hoping that it'll blossom into a full blown world tour, or, at the very least, a few dates in this part of the continent. I gotta give a lot of credit to Roger fans, they have patience for miles and miles. It's been over 10 years since he's released a full album of new material, and he tours intermittenly. I feel bad sometimes, when a band I really like puts a new album out, because I know that Mark's still waiting. He insists that it'll be worth the wait and hey, wasn't the opera great? Keep your fingers crossed kids for Mark kiddos.

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