Friday, February 17, 2006


top of the stairs - Kingscourt
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It's crazy windy here today. I'm hearing that it's crazy windy everywhere.

On the way to work this morning we saw a pretty serious accident at a major intersection. You could tell that it had litte to do with the weather (we only got some regular rain, none of the freezing variety that everyone around us seemed to get). Speed was definitely a factor, charging the amber, that kind of thing. I'm sure that there are accidents all across the province this morning, given the state of the weather.

At times, this morning, I've felt like the windows in my office might pop in on me. At one point, the power went off. It was just off long enough to mess up all of the servers a bit.

Tonight, after work, we had to go out to the west end to do a couple of errands. I was shocked at the wind damage we saw. Signs had been blown all over the place, eavestroughs were laying all over the place, siding was peeled back in spots from some building.

Our house was fine. I did notice that some of our neighbours "recyclables" have landed in our driveway. Also, our blue box is missing. Both of these things are easily remedied though. I'm just glad that we're safe, home and dry. Hope you are too.

Happy weekend all!

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