Sunday, February 19, 2006


kitchen book shelves - after
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I finally unpacked our cookbooks yesterday.

Several months ago, when I was unpacking our regular books, I kept all of the cookbooks to one side. We knew that we would be putting them in the kitchen but one of the shelves in the cabinet was wonky. Also, we needed to get some work done on the kitchen so the shelves needed be easily moved. The work was done at Christmas time but I still hadn't fixed the shelf. Friday night, I finally did it and yesterday I unpacked the books.

I'm not sure if my hands were super dry or what but I managed to give myself several cuts on my hands while I was unpacking. I didn't realize that I'd done it until I noticed that I was bleeding on a couple of books.

Everytime I've walked by the shelving unit in the kitchen, I'm really happy at how it looks. For months now, we've just been piling junk on them, they were kind of dusty and very disorganized. It felt good to accomplish something yesterday.

I talked to my brother yesterday and it seems like most of his stuff is in tact, which is very good. Some smoke damage but his vinyl didn't melt and there doesn't seem to be water damage. All is good. He'll be moving soon but the insurance company is helping out with a lot of that.

Me, I've been feeling pretty crummy so far this weekend. Last night, I couldn't get warm, no matter what I did and I have been really achey for about the past 20 hours or so. I'm probably going to get back into bed now, crawl under the covers and either watch a movie or try to sleep. Mark's cleaning the fish tanks, his normal Sunday morning task. Today should be a quiet day for us. I'm glad.

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Sueellen said...

Glad to hear everything is ok with you brother. Nice shelves, wow you have a lot of cook books. Stay warm!