Thursday, February 02, 2006

must have soup

As I've mentioned before, our favourite soup joint was closed for several weeks over the holidays. Oh how I missed that soup.

Tonight, both of us were a little brain dead and too tired to cook. It was so nice to be able to slip around the corner and have a bowl of steamy hot yummy noodle soup. It's truly good for anything and everything that "ails you."

As far as groundhog's day go, pretty much, whether or not the little guy sees his shadow or not, we've got 6 more weeks of winter. Look at the calendar folks, spring doesn't start officially until March. If we have more of the "winter" that we've been experiencing, I'll have no complaints at all about it, seriously. It was positively spring-like outside this morning.

The week's been a bit of a blur this week. I seem to recall last week being that way too. Hopefully, soon (and I feel like I'm always saying this), things will slow down a bit. Life never seemed to be happening this fast when I was a kid. I mean, maybe it was and I just have slow memories. I don't know.

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