Monday, February 06, 2006


olive oil
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I never realized how many different types of oil there were until, a few years ago, Mark and I went to a restaurant show. I was shocked at how big a section of the convention centre the olive oil displays took up. It was an education for me.

The weekend was quiet. I'm happy to report that I never did get sick. Whatever my "problem" is, it seems to be a morning only thing. When I get up in the morning, I'm sometimes very stuffed up. In fact, pretty much all day Saturday, I had a touch of a sinus headache but that was it. Usually, the hot tea and a shower (not at the same time) trick works pretty well.

Over the weekend, we "treated" ourselves to a new digital cable box for the living room (that's three we have now!). This new one has the local ontario cable company version of "tivo" on it. It's pretty spiffy and it means that we can record a lot of stuff from the upper channels that I used to have to record through my computer. The picture and sound quality seems to have improved significantly and this box is HDTV ready (not sure when our wallets will be "HDTV ready" but our cable box is prepared). We also signed up for cable telephone. Our number won't change but our bill will drop to about 1/2. You have to love that!!

Today we were both back to work. We had some crazy snow storm this morning after I got into the office. It seems to have stopped right now but I hear that it might get going again over night. I don't mind though, the cold air clears your head and it's nice to see a little snow on the ground. Afterall, we do live in Canada and it is February.

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