Friday, February 10, 2006

so yeah, the good news

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I apologize for the delay. I would have loved to have actually said what was going on ages ago but couldn't. Well, by ages I mean two weeks ago.

The short story is, I have a new job!! I'm very very excited about it. It's a promotion for me and it is in an area that I love and one that I have a fair amount of expertise in. It's going to be great.

I'll be in the same department that I'm in now but it's a different functional unit. It's happened rather quickly too. The person who had been in this particular job, suddenly resigned a few weeks ago. She was someone I'd worked with for a while now, a really nice girl. She just decided that it was time for a change, and a break. I can't imagine that it was an easy decision to make, that kind of choice never is.

I first heard about this situation when her manager approached me about helping out until they filled her spot. Our two teams work very closely together and I was already working with them on a rather large project. That night, I went home and talked to Mark about it. It's a very similar job to one I'd been doing a couple of years ago, one that I really enjoyed. It wasn't an opportunity that would present itself again for a good long while I told myself.

So, the next day, I talked to my manager about how I'd be happy to help out with whatever needed doing given that the woman who'd resigned was not working a two week notice period. I also told her that I'd decided to apply for the job. The woman I'm working for is really great, she's been very supportive of me over the past year and a bit that we've been working together. I don't think she was shocked by the news and she said that she'd support me and, if I got it, she'd be happy for me but sad at the same time. We both sort of joked about that, but I reminded her that if I got it, I wasn't moving that far away!

After that, I spoke with the manager of the other team. I told her that I was interested in the vacancy in her team. She seemed surprised and I couldn't read her reaction. So, long story, short...with the help of a friend of mine, I updated my resume, wrote a pretty good letter (if I do say so myself, and hey, I just did!) and submitted it.

I got a call about an interview the next day (that was February 1). The interview was scheduled for February 7. I was a bit of a nervous wreck about it for a few days before. I had only told a handful people that I was applying (if I hadn't got it, I didn't want the world and his uncle to know about it). Interviewing with people you already know is a little weird too. In a way it's good because you know that they're nice people. In another, it's odd because you don't have that opportunity to make a "first impression." There'd be no dazzling with bullshit, they already knew me!

The interview went well I thought. They thought so too because the next morning I got called up to the manager's office and was offered the job. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, it wouldn't be announced for almost 2 days so I couldn't say too much about it. I told my current teammates and, of course, my boss. They were all very happy for me but I know from my own experience that things like this are always bittersweet. I'm sure they aren't looking forward to the process of hiring someone to replace me. Goodness knows that's never fun.

So, I start my new job officially on March 1. It was announced today so I had many calls of congratulations and folks stopping by my desk to wish me well. It was really nice.

And now it's the weekend. I plan to relax a lot this weekend. We might catch a movie and I need to do laundry (I always need to do laundry) but other than that, we're staying close to home.

So, that's it kiddos. Happy Weekend!


gaygaybrad said...

Congrats on the promo!!!!!

Bev - Living In Hormoney said...

Congratulations!! A change is always good IMO!

Sueellen said...

Congratulations! I agree with Bev- a change is always good!

Peg said...

Thanks everyone. I'm really really excited about it!!

Pam said...

Congratulations Peg, that is great news! Go out and celebrate! Have a great weekend!