Saturday, December 18, 2004

sickie sick, sick sick

I have a cold. It was bugging my ass all week. On Wednesday morning, I couldn't breathe so well. On Thursday afternoon, my elbows and knees started burning for no good reason. Yesterday I felt a bit better but was moving a little more slowly than I normally would be. Today, I'm definitely sick. I woke up with a pounding headache, totally stuffed up and generally looking like hammered shit. It's good that I at least look like I feel huh??

We were supposed to be going to Toronto today. Friends of mine have organized a big anniversary/reunion party tonight but there is no way that I can make it. I just cancelled our hotel reservation and sent my friend James an email to let him know. I'm really disappointed about this. I'd been looking forward to this for a few weeks. These are super fabulous people that I almost never get to see and I would have had a chance to see a whole bunch of them at the same time, in the same place.

In any event, I'm planning to crawl back into bed. I have to run Mark to work, and then stop off at the iga for a loaf of bread (there is no way I'm baking today!) and then, back to bed. What a fun way to start my two week vacation huh??

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