Tuesday, December 07, 2004

back to the grind

Work was really really (really) busy today and I'm a little brain-dead at the moment. Here are a couple of those lovely meme things to keep you occupied though:

Monday Madness - December 6

1. What's your favorite TV show and why?

I guess it's Coronation Street. I enjoy watching the characters and plots evolve. I love the way the show is written and I've been watching it since 1987.

2. What's your sign?


3. Why is common sense so uncommon?

I have no idea. My dad was big on common sense and he hammered it into our heads. I guess not everyone else in the world was as lucky as we were!

4. What are 5 great things about your life partner?

He has a fabulous sense of humour, he's really intelligent, he always puts me first, no matter what, he's a fucking fabulous chef, he can make me feel better, no matter how crappy I feel.

5. Why do you blog? Are you a writer at heart? Is it a passion? Or because it's en vogue?

I used to read and write a lot. As life got busier, the reading and writing fell to the side. A couple of years ago I realized how much I missed it and I started this blog, with hopes that it would get me writing again. It has forced me to write on a regular basis but I'm not sure that anything I write these days is particularly interesting. I do it anyway though. I figure if I keep at it, eventually something good will pop out of my head!

6. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

How much is the woodchuck going to be paid to chuck the wood?

7. Fiction or nonfiction?

A little of both. I like a mix.

8. If you were an animal, which animal would you like to be, and why?

A dolphin. Dolphins are smart and get to swim around all day. I like swimming and I like seafood so I could totally handle being a dolphin.

TV Tuesday - Week 34 - What'd you watch?

1. What's your favorite thing you've watched in the past week?

Sunday night's Arrested Development episode. That show makes me laugh like nobody's business.

2. Have you found anything new you liked/disliked?


3. For those who had access to them, did you see any really cool parades on TV?

We watched the Hollywood Santa Claus Parade on Sunday night. KTLA was broadcasting it. It was a terrific parade. Much better than the Macy's parade (the coverage was pathetic).

One thing that made me smile today: Not falling on the ice. We had freezing rain off and on almost all day today. The world is like a giant skating rink outside and I managed to not fall on my bum at all today.

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