Thursday, December 02, 2004

on course

For the past 10 or so weeks, I've been taking a web creation course through work. It's 2 hours a week for 16 weeks and it's been really good so far. This is not an advanced course, in fact, some of the folks who are taking it with me have never seen html in their lives. I knew that the start of it would be slow, mostly review but I'm actually learning stuff along the way. I'm not surprised by this. Everything I knew about web creation was stuff I figured out myself. Now that we're past the basics it's getting really interesting. I'm actually learning why some of the stuff I do, works.

The week's been really busy for me. It flew by at a crazy rate and I was seriously considering not taking tomorrow and Monday off (I have them booked -- trying to use up unused vacation days). Fortunately, I got a lot of stuff done today and I think I'm going to take them. It's not like I can carry them over to the new year anyway.

One thing that made me smile today: Not having a party to go to. Doesn't that sound terrible?? Reading it, it looks bad to me. This week has been kind of weird though. At work, our director retired this week so there have been receptions big and small held in her honour. It's been nice for her and folks are sad to see her go but honestly, it's been difficult to be away from my desk for them. Hopefully things will get "back to normal" (whatever that means) soonish.

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