Sunday, December 19, 2004

fish and chips

Never underestimate the restorative powers of a plate of fish and chips. When Joe learned that we were not going to Toronto, he decided that he'd like to go out for fish and chips, "if I was feeling up to it." I pretty much dragged my butt around the house all day and, around 4 p.m., decided to have a shower. I felt a lot better after the shower so we went out. After our meal, which was delicious but a lot more grease than I needed to ingest, I felt much better. So much better that I decided to take advantage of it and go run a couple of errands.

The stores were actually pretty empty for the last Saturday evening before Christmas. I was pretty surprised. While we were looking for a couple of gifts, we found a copy of the new Bill Hicks Live DVD. Why is it that you can always find things for yourself when shopping but never for the people you're supposed to be shopping for?? Anyway, we picked it up and watched about 2/3 of it last night. I had only ever heard albums of Bill Hicks. Watching him live was an eye-opener. I realized how much of what he did was in his actions and in his face. I had heard some of the bits before but watching him perform them was like hearing them for the first time, all over again. It was sort of bizarre to hear him talking about the "war" (not really) in Iraq and Bush. What he was saying 12 or 13 years ago was accurate then and now. He really could have been talking about the current conflict and administration down in the states. Seeing how brilliant his live performance was makes it all the more heartbreaking that he died so young.

Anyway, laughter and fish and chips are the best medicine. I'm still stuffed up and coughing my head off today but I'm not feeling anywhere near as crappy I did yesterday. Thank goodness for small favours huh??

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