Friday, December 10, 2004

finally friday

Why do the busiest weeks sometimes feel like the longest ones? This week should not have felt long at all, what with having Monday off and me going to a party yesterday afternoon. I'm guessing it's the change in the weather. The sudden appearance of winter can make the days feel very very long.

The Glads are supposed to be playing here tonight. Well, not at my house actually but here in town. It's one of my brother's bands and they rock!! I'm not sure if we'll be seeing them or not though. The forecast is very very bad right now, both here and in Ottawa. If they do make it in, they might not make it home tomorrow (not if the forecast is accurate anyway). Fingers crossed kids, that they get here safe and sound.

One thing that made me smile today: Getting to and from work safely today. The roads were slick and icy and seeing our driveway tonight made me smile like you wouldn't believe!!

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