Saturday, December 11, 2004


I feel absolutely dopey right now. It's a very nice kind of dopey though, I like it a lot. I had such a good sleep last night. We totally slept in too, not something I do very often any more. It felt terrific. I haven't even gotten out of my jammmies yet. I guess I will soon though, we're supposed to be going out to do some errands.

The Glads didn't make it into town last night. It wasn't because of the weather though, Jim was sick. Hopefully he's feeling better today because they have a show in Ottawa tonight. It would be fun to go up for that but the weather is still pretty crummy here. We haven't heard too many cars going up and down the street so I'm not sure what shape the roads are in right now. Anyway, if you have lots of sunny, warm, healing vibes to spare, please send them Jim's way. Being sick is no fun!!

One thing that made me smile today: Looking out into my backyard this morning. After the freezing rain last night, it snowed. The snow is stuck to everything and it looks amazing. Really fake and gorgeous. I don't like to shovel snow but it sure is pretty to look at!!

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