Friday, August 29, 2003

These days, if I didn't blog from work, I'd not blog at all...yikes!! Can you believe it, it's the Back to School version of the Friday Five:

1. Are you going to school this year?

I'm not enrolled in classes but I do go to school everyday. I work at a University.

2. If yes, where are you going (high school, college, etc.)? If no, when did you graduate?

I graduated from community college in 1987 and 1/3 of the way through my bachelors of arts degree, not sure when I'll actually convocate.

3. What are/were your favorite school subjects?

I've always enjoyed English Literature, well, specifically Canadian Lit.

4. What are/were your least favorite school subjects?

I went to Catholic school and really resented having to take religious studies because it was a really huge crock of shit. The alternative to this would have been to go a local public high school in a rural area. I put up with the religion and the nuns to be close to my friends and go to school in the city.

5. Have you ever had a favorite teacher? Why was he/she a favorite?

One of my favourite teachers is my English 110 prof, Donna Vitorio. She's an interesting lecturer, a really fair person, and she's able to put a feminist slant on Chaucer!

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