Friday, August 08, 2003

It's already Friday again. Yikes! Where did the week go?

It's been steamy and hot all week here. Last night, during a 31 degree humidex, we mowed our lawn. It was pretty brutal. Doing it wasn't so bad, we were both pretty drained afterwards. I had a hard time getting to sleep, probably because I was over heated. It only went down to 23 last night. Unbelievable. As I was falling asleep, I had a few Charley horses in my legs, just from the heat I'm sure. I slept really well though, once I got there. I could hardly get up this morning.

My mum is celebrating her 60th birthday tomorrow. We won't actually see her until Sunday though, we're taking her and my dad out for brunch. I would have liked to have thrown a big huge party for her but my folks' are not into stuff like that. They hate having a fuss made over them and don't really like loud crazy parties so to try and do it as a surprise would not go over well. Her birthday celebration will be low-key but still significant. My grandmother always stressed to us how important birthday's were (she used to say, "if it wasn't for your birthday, you wouldn't be around for Christmas.") I have a bunch of errands to do tomorrow but other than that, the weekend should be fairly quiet.

So, here's today's Friday Five:

1. What's the last place you traveled to, outside your own home state/country?

We haven't been out of the province in a while. The last time we went out of province was probably last October when we went down to NYC for a long weekend. We've been out of town a lot but we've stayed within Ontario (it's a big place afterall!).

2. What's the most bizarre/unusual thing that's ever happened to you while traveling?

We were able to get a parking spot, in Chinatown, in New York. We drive a big '93 Buick LeSabre and Mark was able to squeeze it into a spot, on the street, in front of a fish shop. I still can't believe that we did that. For those of you who have spent time in New York, you'll appreciate what a strange and unusual feat this is for out-of-towners.

3. If you could take off to anywhere, money and time being no object, where would you go?

The UK. I have never been and would love to go to England and Ireland and Scotland. To be able to take a lot of time to explore these places would be wonderful. My family's origins are in Northern Ireland so I'm particularly interested in exploring that particular part of the world.

4. Do you prefer traveling by plane, train or car?

I love road trips. I love being a car and having the option of pulling off the road. I enjoy train and plane travel but once I get to where I'm going, I love having access to a car.

5. What's the next place on your list to visit?

Either Boston, MA or Vancouver, BC. We'll go to Boston if we get invited to a family wedding in October. If not, the next place I'm planning to go to is Vancouver. I've never been out west and I'm going to a conference there in the spring so that will be cool. On the other hand, we could road trip anywhere at anytime. We often don't plan trips, they just sort of happen.

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