Friday, August 15, 2003

Yay! The power is back on.

It came back on at 10:50 p.m. here. From a dead sleep, I heard our computer come on (our UPS had shut it down and I totally forgot to manually turn it off like I had done with everything else). I reset my alarm clock but I didn't turn the a/c on.

I'm prett surprised that I slept through an entire night without air conditioning, I'm such a spoiled baby! The one thing I did turn back on last night was our ceiling fan. Anyway, I'm off to workout, just wanted to let you all know (for those of you with power anyway!) that we're okay! Hope you're all well and safe too!!

I'm not sure what the situation on campus is this morning but I'm going to go to work. If they send us home that is fine but I do have power and live only 10 minutes from work so I should go in. I noticed that the Ontario Government is telling it's employees to stay home today. It should be an interesting day.

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