Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Yikes, Wednesday again.

I'm not working this afternoon. I had some lieu time coming and Mark is home, really sick with the flu so I cut my day short and headed home. I'm glad I did. We were supposed to take his dad for groceries tonight but instead, I went out and got his stuff and ours and was able to get some soup into the patient. He's really feeling like hammered shit. Fortunately, he's sleeping now. Sleep is always the best medicine for something like this. Oh, that and Advil for Cold & Sinus.

Frosh week is under way in full swing. We could hear the chanting gael groups outside our window this morning. Even though it's cloudy and dark and threatening to rain, those kids always have so much spirit. Of course by Friday they will all be as sick as dogs from not sleeping and shouting in the rain all week, but they will have bonded and learned the words to the "Oil Thigh" and will know how to find all of their classes come Monday.

The other night, after work, Mark and I took a drive around town. I took pictures of all the "go Ryan go" type signs we could find and I'll be posting them up here soon. I'm so glad that he's made it into the top 3. We tried and tried on Monday night to vote but couldn't get through. At one point, our phone was completely dead because of the number of people here in Kingston attempting to call in. I'm so glad that we didn't need to call 911 or something during that first 30 minutes after the show was over.

I was SO happy to see Audrey go last night, you have no idea. I swear, I will never get addicted to a "reality" show again, this is just ridiculous!!

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