Saturday, August 02, 2003

My hair has become incredibly long all of a sudden. Actually, it's been long for a while now but it's really bugging me lately and I have to do something about it. I don't really have a "style" per se. It's just long and thick and heavy. I'm thinking about trying to donate it to lock of love or some such organization so that it can be made into a wig or something. A family friend recently received a wig like this. She's 15 and has a condition that causes her hair to be very fine and brittle and it doesn't grow. She's on her second wig now and I know how happy having a funky hair do makes her. If some other kid can get some joy from my hair, that would be cool. One thing I've always been able to do well is grow hair.

Today was kind of busy. I took Joe for groceries and had a bunch of errands to do. I don't mind running around but I scared myself a little this afternoon. Call me paranoid but I have a huge fear of running out of gas. The car that we're driving right now used to belong to my dad. It's a '93 Buick LeSabre and we got it about a year go. Mark actually drives it more than I do so he's been able to figure out how close to 'E' you can get before you're out of gas. I was taking Joe home when the little light came on. Traffic was really heavy and moving slow and I was silently freaking out. I dropped him off and headed downtown. The light had been on for some time when I finally coasted (probably on fumes I'm thinking) into our Sunoco station. I like our Sunoco station because the kids there are really polite and genuinely friend and you get CAA points when you fill up. So I pull up and on the one side of the pumps, there is a middle aged doofus with a van and trailer and a huge, honking, Miami vice style power boat. On the other side, the side I need to use, two yuppie scum with "little man" (ie they were short) syndrome were parked. They were driving a huge SUV and were pulling a trailer with 2 SeaDoos on it. They had pulled up in such a fashion that not only were they blocking all three pumps but they were blocking the driveway so that there would be no way that I pull around them and use the other side of the pump. This particular station is full-serve but, of course, the kids working there wouldn't have been able to put gas in their car properly so they had to do it themselves and gas their stupid SeaDoos. Now, I have problems with both SUV's and SeaDoos. I've seen more folks have bad accidents in those stupid things and they totally pollute our water. You would not have believed how much of a production these guys made of gassing up a truck and two little water thingy's. I have a strong feeling that the SUV was an over-compensation for other kinds of "short" comings that they may have to deal with on a regular basis. I felt bad for the guy working at the garage because these two losers were being really rotten to him. Fortunately, they left before I ran out of gas and I was able to get home without being stranded in traffic.

It's become really steamy here all of a sudden. It was hot all day but it rained for a bit this afternoon and I'd hoped that it would cool things off a bit. It's just made things really really humid and gross. Hopefully, we'll get a thunder-storm tonight and that will clear the air. Goodness knows it could use it! I know that these are supposed to be the dog days of summer but this is a bit much!

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