Tuesday, August 19, 2003

I've outted myself here before. I will admit it. I am hooked on Canadian Idol.

We're a Ryan Malcolm household as he is from the same subdivision that I am from, his family runs a business around the corner from my parents' home. I also love Jenny Gear, that newfie cutie. Love her!

I always figured that when it came down to the top three, it would be Ryan, Jenny and Toya Alexis. Unfortunately, she got voted off the show tonight. Ordinarily, if someone I like gets voted off, I'm like, "so, whatever" but she should not have been voted off. There is something really fishy going on. I'm not sure if the voting was fucked up because of the power outage or if Ajax didn't have cable last night (I know that they were one of the last communities to come back online after the blackout) so they didn't know what number to call to vote for her. Audrey and Billy should NOT be moving on. They were both weak last night.

I hope that someone looks into this because it just feels wrong. I know that it's just a TV show and it's not a matter of life and death but Toya kicked everyone's ass last night. When the judges boo a vote result, you know something is not right.

Toya was very gracious about it though and I'm sure she'll go further with her talent than any of the remaining competitors (Ryan and Jenny included).
Toya Alexis

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