Friday, August 15, 2003

Well, we're pretty lucky. Our power has been on all day, without so much as a flicker. I was talking to some friends in Toronto this afternoon. They only just had had their power restored at around 3 p.m.

They say that we could lose it again as they take parts of the grid down to fix others. I don't know for sure that our neighbourhood would be affected by this for a couple of reasons. One is that we're very close to a major sub-station and the other is that the substation we're close to, supports the command center for our local Utilities commission. We're very close to downtown. The black outs seems to be hitting the suburbs mostly.

We've kept our ceiling fans on all day and except for the computer and TV once in a while, we're conserving as much energy as possible. We didn't cook tonight and we're planning to barbecue on the weekend.

Today was quiet. I was sent home from work and Mark was so slow that he quit early. It was a nice, unplanned, long weekend. I wish that the circumstances were a little cheerier but a long weekend is a long weekend. I was really concerned about his dad through all of this. He's 78 and he had some heart trouble in the spring. His breathing isn't as great as it should be. Overall, he's a little fragile at the moment. Also, four years ago today, Mark's mum passed away so they have been both been thoughtful and a bit emotional today. It was almost a good thing that they both had the distraction of the black out today. Fortunately, Mark's dad's power came on a few hours after ours did and it's been on all day. We took him out for lunch today and he's doing well. I'm sure that the worst of this is behind us. I hope so anyway!

I don't have much planned for the weekend. We're on water and power restrictions so technically, we're not supposed to be doing too much. That's fine with me. I may just find a shady spot outside and read a little bit. The lawn needs cutting and the garden needs weeding but it may just have to wait. It's too damned hot out to do much of any of that kind of stuff. I think we can all use a lazy weekend after yesterday. Speaking of lazy, I'm off to bed now. 'night all!

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