Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Fotolog is being a huge pain lately. When I first joined, I had a gold membership and happily posted lots of pictures every day. The first few days were okay, good service and all, but it got to a point where it would time out on me every time I'd try to upload something. If I had the free membership, I wouldn't have minded so much, you get what you pay for and all, but with a gold membership, I figured that the thing should at least work more often than not. I let my membership lapse because of this. I still post stuff, I try to do it daily, when I can get on. It's a little frustrating.

The weekend was pretty busy for us and I wasn't in front of the computer at home much. Work's getting really really busy right now and will be for the next 6 weeks. This is our "peak" time of year. We're busy in our office all year 'round but late August and the month of September are particularly nutty. We get to catch our breath for a bit in mid October but that doesn't last for long.

Finally, the humidity broke over the weekend. I actually had to put on long pants on Sunday, for the first time in, well, almost forever. It got really chilly and nice on Sunday actually. The temperature has started to rise again (and the humidity too) but at least now, we can use our air conditioning again. It's busy in here but at least we have air again. Let's hear it for the ability to breathe!

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