Thursday, August 21, 2003

The Hotness Report:

It's still hot here.

I'm sure that it's still hot where you are.

It's not as disgusting at my desk right now as it was yesterday though. We ran a dehumidifier last night and have kept our windows closed today. It's really gross whenever you move from room to room. When it's cool and breezy you don't notice the aromas of this building. This building is almost 200 years old so it's got a lot of must and dust stuff going on. It can be quite stinky in this weather.

I'll be glad when the conservation thing is over because it's just making everyone physically ill. Not good! I guess it doesn't help that it's going on during the hottest days of the summer either.

Other than the weather, there's not a lot going on. We took Mark's dad for groceries last night. That was a little weird. Loblaws had the A/C on but most of the lights were out. I actually quite liked it. I think it's an overly bright store anyway. Fortunately, they had the boxes of 50 jumbo freeze pops on sale for $3.99 so I picked up 2 of them. This weekend, it'll be sit in front of the fan and eat freezees time.

We've been receiving parcels every day this week. At the beginning of the summer, I ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon, well, pre-ordered actually, and had totally forgotten about it. So, in the past week, we've received: This is Coronation Street, Will & Grace: Season 1, The Awful Truth: Season 1 & 2, Bowling for Columbine, Futurama: Season 2, NYPD Blue: Season 2 and a double EBTG Disc.

It's hugely expensive but it will be nice to just veg out this weekend, and watch TV and avoid the heat. I also love that I have fun, commercial free stuff to watch while I workout. It makes it go SO much faster that way.

Well, I'm off to see how much longer I can avoid doing any real work...

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