Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Tuesday...well, over half-way through Tuesday, already. Yikes!

The weekend was very busy. Saturday was spent doing errands all morning and then working around the house all afternoon. I got a lot done but the day was a bit of a blur. We slept in very very late (for us) on Sunday. Didn't get up until 8:30 a.m. or so. I woke up craving a twister with cream cheese and sliced tomato but I didn't want to have to drive to North York to get it. We discussed our breakfast options and decided to go out to eat.

We headed north on Highway 38, hoping to find some cool little mom and pop place between Kingston and Sharbot Lake. The first semi-interesting place we found (the Bravo Restaurant) was completely smoke filled. The food looked good but I hate it when you can't smell the food over the cigarette smoke in a restaurant. We left with our noses and mouth full of smoke and our stomachs still empty.

Rather than carry on further up north, we headed back for town. A new place in Bayridge called Cora's had just opened and we decided to try it. Apparently, it had only been open since Friday. It was nice and bright and homey inside, and it smelled like food. It didn't have a smoking section but it had a cool looking fruit bar section and it seemed promising. Unfortunately, our experience was not great. The service was pretty bad and we had to send out meals back twice (they came out cold, and then came back, seconds later, seemingly microwaved). I think if you were having the fruit plates or a sandwich, it might be okay but their hot food leaves a lot to be desired. Also, as I mentioned, the service was less than I would have expected for the prices they charge.

Work's been very busy this week. The big dinner that we're helping out with is this weekend and things are picking up. It's very well organized and everything seems to be coming together nicely.

We're still working on the eating better thing. I think that we're both getting used to it and it feels good. I'm sleeping a lot better, or did last night anyway. We're still eating out as often as we were before but we're making better choices when we do. I'm not as concerned about weight loss as I am about generally improved health and generally, I think that we are improving our health so that's very cool.

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