Wednesday, November 06, 2002

The goodwill stuff is now at goodwill and the front entranceway of our house seems huge. It's quite nice actually. Mark doesn't mind the clutter but it does get me down sometimes and I'm trying to create a more calm, organized environment in our home. It's not that I'm a total clean freak or anything. I'm just really getting into simplifying our lives right now. Mark's being a very good sport about it, when we talked about it last night, he asked, in his best Homer voice "Do I have to do anything?" I'm being particularly brutal with my own stuff but I am sifting through his things as well. I always ask him if it's okay before I throw something out that belongs to him. I mean, I could throw whatever it is out and he'd probably never notice, but I couldn't do that sort of thing. I'm sure he thinks that it's kind of silly but I also think he knows that it's making me happy (and he is usually happy to see me happy).

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