Saturday, November 23, 2002

It snowed a little bit last night so I'm going to try to get some photos when the sun comes up. I'm feeling a lot better today than I did yesterday. Whatever I had seems to be going away, which I appreciate. I found yet another quiz (are there more of them now or am I just stumbling across them more because I've been home sick?). Anyway, this is a "how indie are you" quiz, and it's a lot of fun!!

i am an indie snob!

How indie are you?
test by ridethefader

You're just too cool for school, aren't you? You're pretty narrow minded
and opinionated with regards to music (and probably most other things
as well). But you're allowed to be, because you really are better
than everyone else. You take pride in obscurity.
You probably prefer vinyl too, you elitist bitch.

btw, I did actually bake something yesterday. Butterscotch Chip cookies. They didn't last too long (I think that there are like 4 left). I made them while I watched "Kurt and Courtney" in the documentary film channel yesterday afternoon. If you're into conspiracy theories and/or hate Courtney Love, it's an interesting little film. One thing that struck me as odd was that the film was basically about how they couldn't get access to Courtney and how they were going about tracking down people who could tell them "what was really going on" before Kurt died. Personally, I always thought that the circumstances surrounding his death were a little suspicious. I mean, I could have seen him killing himself with herione but the idea that he could turn a gun on himself was a little tough to swallow.

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