Friday, November 08, 2002

I was up pretty early this morning. I actually jumped right out of bed rather than crawled out (which is what I often do these dark early mornings). I forgot to open the bedroom window last night. Ordinarily, we keep one window open while we sleep but I didn't do that last night. I'm kind of glad I didn't. It got very chilly over night (although the temperature is actually higher right now than it was yesterday) and I can't imagine how damp it would have been if I'd actually had the window open last night.

Today should be another busy day but I'm just taking it as it comes. I'm looking forward to the weekend...not in a "wishing the week away" way, just in general. I realized last night that it was Thursday. I know that may sound kind of dumb but sometimes I forget what day it is and I get all turned around. It hit me that the working week was almost behind me when we drove up our street last night and I saw all the blue boxes at the curbs (our garbage and recycling are collected early on Friday mornings).

The sun's supposed to shine on us today! I hope that everyone has a very happy Friday!

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