Friday, November 22, 2002

Today is my vacation day and I'm still feeling yucky. My head is all plugged up. I felt pretty good last night. We just stayed in and ordered a pizza and watched the Will & Grace wedding episode. It was cute albeit predictable. I was going to drive Mark to work this morning so I'd have the car but there's no where I really need to go today so I'll just stay put. I may do some baking and I definitely need to do laundry. It's a putter day for me and that's alright. I've not had one in a long time so it'll be okay.

I never did get out in the snow the other day and get some photos. The snow is all gone now and everything is wet from the rain. The ground is brown and the sky is grey, it's not pleasant but it could be worse. It's a good day to stay inside and keep toasty warm...oh yeah, and to do quizzes, here's another one:

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