Tuesday, November 05, 2002

I was thinking about my blog a little bit over the weekend. I was musing how neat it would be to actually have something "important" to say in this forum. I realized though that whatever anyone writes in a blog is important and relevant, to themselves at least. If it's in your head and you take the time to put it down here, it must have some significance for you.

My weekend was okay. I ended up taking yesterday off as a last minute vacation day to sort out our kitchen. Last weekend, we purchased some new cabinets so our kitchen needed to be totally cleaned and re-organized before we could finish installing them. It looks pretty good I think and I have two large boxes of stuff for Goodwill. Have you ever noticed that it seems like everyone has at least one hot-air popcorn popper but no one uses them anymore? I know that I took one to Goodwill when we moved into the house and now I'm taking the other one. I'm not sure why I hung onto it as long as I did. I'm sure someone will find a use for it. I also seem to have collected a rather large number of mixing bowls, vases and various tupperware items over the years which I no longer use. I'm also getting rid of a big, faux wooden, brown microwave / television cart. There's nothing wrong with it, we just don't have the room for it anymore. I'm getting into minimalism for our house. It's not a huge house, and we have a lot of stuff so between eBay and Goodwill, I'm paring things down. So far, so good.

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