Monday, July 09, 2007

Mark's garden grows

Mark's garden grows
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I really really really really really thought that I'd be outside by now.

All day at work, and it was a longish day, I kept thinking to myself, I can stand the humidity because when I get home from work, I can get into the pool.

As we pulled onto our street though, it started to cloud over. As I type this, it's getting darker and darker and there is a storm watch in effect for the region.

fun huh?

Now, I'm not complaining about the rain, goodness knows that even though we've had a lot of it lately, we can use it. It's actually nice to now have to water the garden.

Having said that though, it would be nice to have one sunny evening.

Over the course of our entire week off, we did not get into the pool once.

Not once!

No fair!!

I'm really hoping for some sunshine this week.

Hopefully that's not asking too much.

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