Monday, January 30, 2006

wrapping up

ducks in the harbour
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Yesterday was nice.

The whole weekend was actually.

It was restful and yet, it was productive. A nice combo.

We didn't go out, at all, which was nice. We stuck around the house and puttered. Mark worked in the basement, on his office and on the computers. I tidied some things up. Did the laundry, watched some tv, cleaned the bathroom.

It was nice to not have to rush to get anything done.

Yesterday, we even watched a movie. "Mystic River" was offered "on demand" so we watched it. I'd been wanting to see it for a while. I found the story to be interesting, although it was a little predictable. There was a weird speech at the end of it that Laura Linney's character makes that I didn't really get but, overall, it was not bad. We've been trying to watch a movie each weekend, last weekend it was Napoleon Dynamite. Yes, finally, I know. It was cute.

Anyway, hope you all got where you had to get today, safely. It took me longer to walk from the front door to the car than it did to get to the office. I hate freezing rain. At least it's nice out now.

This is one weird winter we're having.

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