Friday, January 13, 2006

I voted!

advance poll - voting
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We voted tonight, 'bout 45 minutes ago I guess, maybe a little less.

Ordinarily, I prefer to vote in the advance polls. This way, I figure that if something weird were to happen to me on election day, my vote is already cast and I'm okay. Also, if there is a problem with my voter card or whatever, I can get it sorted out before the election day. Another nice bonus about advance polls is that you almost never have to wait in a line. Voting on election day can be a long, drawn-own process.

It feels very good to have exercised my franchise. Now it's just a matter of time, we have 10 days until the polls close. It should be interesting to say the least.

Other than voting, we saw Joe for a few minutes after work, stopped off for a bit of dinner afterwards and then went grocery shopping. When we left the restaurant I really didn't feel like shopping but the prospect of facing it tomorrow held even less appeal. We did it, it's done and again, it wasn't busy. Score!

I don't really believe in lucky numbers but I was born on the 13th (of May) so I've always liked the number. Hope you had a lucky Friday the 13th!!

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Sueellen said...

I just realized I didn't get a registration card and hubby did! Now I have some scambling to do so I can vote. At least we just have to walk two doors down to vote at the seniors place. Have a great weekend!