Monday, January 09, 2006

monday again?


I've been a journal slacker over the weekend.

It wasn't intentional, I actually thought several times about posting but it never happened.

Here is an incomplete list of some of the stuff I did do this weekend:

1. Visit Joe and pick up his laundry.
2. Talk to my mum on the phone.
3. Did several loads of laundry.
4. Go out for dinner with Mark.
5. Clean up the living room.
6. Unpack two boxes of living room knick-knacks (I found my other lava lamp AND Mark's Vargas Girl mugs!).
7. Watch four episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm and another episode of Huff (thank you TMN on Demand!).
8. Finally put our Christmas gifts away.
9. Shovel the porch and the sidewalk (our neighbour did our driveway - thank you Tommy!!).
10. Talk to my brother on the phone.

So that's it, you're about up-to-date.

1 comment:

Sueellen said...

Sounds like you still managed to have a fairly productive weekend! I didn't even get out of pyjamas all weekend! LOL