Monday, January 16, 2006

new printer

new printer
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Last week, I got a new printer.

We have a perfectly good, almost new, epson all-in-one printer / scanner / copier, colour. It hates my guts. It'll scan for me just fine but won't print. If Mark uses my machine and tries to print, no problem. I don't know what I ever did to it but it won't work for me.

We popped in to Costco last week for a few groceries and noticed a little HP laser printer on sale, black ink only. It was about the same price as the all-in-one we bought last year.

Over the weekend, Mark installed the epson on his machine and the HP on mine (they are both networked though). It's so nice to have a working printer again. I don't print all that much but it's nice to know that if I decide to print a one page document, I won't have to mess about with it for an hour.

..ain't technology grand!?

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