Wednesday, January 18, 2006

for no particular reason

nathan's famous hot dogs signs
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...I went looking for a photo to post today that had sunshine in it. I got distracted and instead found this one with cool, old neon.

Nathan's is great. They have awesome hot dogs and you can super huge cups of diet coke, with lots of ice. It's very reasonably priced too, which is good, and they have a very cool outside eating area. When we were there, it was late-ish in the evening and there were lots of folks there who had been at the same concert we'd been to (at Keyspan Park - which is located next door). Thinking about Coney Island makes me smile. Sometimes you need to smile, especially when it's raining outside.

Last night, after work, we had some errands to do. As were driving to the west end, it started to freeze rain. I felt sick to stomach pretty much until we had finished our shopping and we were driving home. I'm always absolutely terrified of falling on the ice and breaking something. Fortunately, we got home safely but you know, it wouldn't be a freezing rain storm without a panic attack for yours truly.

Thank goodness, we're just getting regular rain today. Of course, sadly, all the snow is almost melted and it now looks like a large muddy mess out there. At least it's not slippy though. Thank goodness for small favours!

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