Monday, January 02, 2006

my do-nothing day

When I went to bed last night, my plan for today was to do very little. Our handy-person was scheduled to be here so this plan of doing nothing fit well with the staying out of his way that I must accomplish. Also, a friend was planning to come for a visit. Doing nothing won't get in the way of having a cup of tea and a chat.

So far though, I've done much more than nothing. I've actually accomplished stuff that while, not necessary to accomplish today, would have needed dealing with eventually and now it's done. So far today I have:

1. Totally scrubbed and scoured our master bathroom
2. Vacuumed the upstairs
3. Packed up a huge container of cookies to take to Joe
4. Washed and packed away all of my Christmas cookie/baking squares tins
5. Tidied up our bedroom and the guest room

Not bad huh?? Particularly considering how early in the day it is. I guess I just actually felt like puttering today and I'm glad that I've done it. When the handy-guy is gone, I'll go down and do up the last of the laundry and then, tomorrow, my official last-day-of-vacation, can be spent doing very little (unless, of course, I decide that I feel like doing some stuff).

Who knew that doing nothing at all could be so productive?

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