Tuesday, January 17, 2006

the return of soup!

monday night dinner - january 16
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So many times over the past few weeks, we've driven past their door, only to find it dark and cold.

Last night though, the lights were on, the broth was on the simmer...we could have soup! Yay!! A small number 14 please. It was so good, and after how cold it had been all day, it was nice to have something so warm and tasty for dinner.

As I was paying for dinner, the girl who worked there asked if Mark and I lived together and I said yes.

She then asked, "do you eat cheese at home?"

I looked at her and said "cheese?"

She said, "yes, cheese."

I said, "no, no we don't eat cheese at home."

She got this sort of sad look on her face and said, "oh, okay."

I wonder if someone had given them a brick of cheese for christmas and she was trying to give us a gift. She's a very sweet girl but it was a bit of an odd conversation.

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