Monday, November 14, 2005

yeah huh, we ate it!!

On Saturday, we took a little roadtrip to Ottawa to see my brother. His birthday is coming up (on November 19). For the first time in a long time, Mark and I both had a Saturday off together and we knew that Pat's band (the Glads, they are excellent!!) had an out-of-town gig on his actual birthday (in Montreal -- check them out!!) so we thought we'd take a chance and see if he was around for a visit. Lucky for us, he was!!

For his birthday, we got him a copy of the Warriors (director's cut) and a bag of actual Keyspan Park peanuts. Hey, if the Warriors are going to spend the movie trying to get home to Coney Island, the least we could do was give Pat some Coney Island snack food!! I think he liked it. We used to rent it all the time. When we were kids and VCRs were new, it was one of the few movies in our video store that we liked so I remember us renting it every once in a while....can you dig it??

Pat joined us for a jaunt to IKEA where we spent entirely too much money (not really) on stuff we really needed for the house. Afterwards, we took him out for birthday lunch. We splurged on some extra calories and ordered a mile-high mud pie and an ice cream cookie avalanche to split three ways. Goodness gracious but we were wired after that. It was a lot (and I mean A LOT) of sugar.

It was good though. When Mark and I got home, we were still buzzed enough on the sugar that we put up some of the curtains that we'd purchased and assembled the lights we bought (three table lamps for the living room, two desk type lamps for our bedroom).

Yesterday, we put up some shelves we bought and I shortened up some of the curtains. We had a bunch of errands to do too so it was busy. This morning, I really didn't want to get up. It didn't feel like we had a rest this weekend. I guess we didn't but it was good. The house is looking terrific, like home again...finally.

Oh yeah, tonight, because Mark heard that we were supposed to get snow or freezing rain tomorrow, we put up our holiday lights outside. We bought some of those LED lights, four strings of 35. We had enough to run them across the front of the house along the eaves and around the railing of the porch. They look terrific. We also bought one of those big inflatable Santas (he's holding a snow globes that has blowing snow inside it!) a couple of months ago but we won't put that up until at least December 1...or this weekend. Depends on how long we can wait. It's kind of nice, now that the days are so short, to see the neighbourhood starting to light up again.

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