Monday, November 21, 2005

snow globe

bubble snowmen
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Last week, on Monday evening, we threw up our holiday lights. I saw threw up because we really rushed it. The forecast called for rotten weather and we wanted them up before that settled in. Well, the storm never happened but we started a trend. Almost everyone on our street has their lights on now. It's looking really pretty.

Tonight, we put out our Santa snowglobe. We picked this up earlier in the fall. Santa is leaning over a big slow globe. The globe has two small snowmen in it and there is snow blowing around inside it. It's really neat and now it's set up on our front porch. I haven't done the inside windows yet but that will be my project for the weekend I think.

Right now, it looks really cool and fun and bright. With the days so short now, it's nice to see a little bit of funky light on our street!!

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