Tuesday, November 29, 2005


The snow is gone.

The winds are here, so is the rain.

Outside, the world looked pretty on the weekend, today it looks dark, dull, mean.

The wind blew so hard last night that our bubble snowman / santa deal on the front lawn nearly blew away. If we hadn't secured it so well, it probably would have. It sprung a leak yesterday too. The seams split in a couple of places and the little "snow balls" inside started blowing across the porch. Mark had to tape up the holes to stop the bleeding.

I was home from work yesterday, back at it today. I slept a lot yesterday. I woke up with Mark, sent him off to work at 6 a.m. or so. Less than an hour later, I was asleep again and stayed that way until around 11 a.m. I felt better for the sleep, slow moving but better. Today I feel better still, not moving much quicker than yesterday but at least I'm at work.

Tonight we have errands to run after work. I hope that the huge rains stop by then. I hate running around in the rain, it's no fun at all. At least when it's snowy, you can sing "winter is a marshmallow world" to yourself in your head. "Rain, rain, go away" is not nearly as much fun.

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