Friday, November 18, 2005

s'no way!

It's serious, I mean it. We've flirted with flurries all week but right now, the white stuff is sticking to the ground. It's sticking to the rooftops, it's a crappy looking "winter wonderland" out there. It's too early, or it seems too early anyway. I know we put up our Festivus lights on Monday but still...snow?? yikes.

This kind of weather makes me want to stay in the house and listen to music. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but I have a list of things I need to / would like to accomplish and they all involved actually leaving the house. With any kind of luck, the snow will be gone when we get up in the morning.

As far as music goes, I've been listening to a lot of stuff lately. I had gone through a talk radio / television period earlier in the year. Honestly, it made my head hurt. Recently, I've stuck to reading my news (and watching the daily show -- hello, I do too know it's fake!). I find that listening to happy music makes my head hurt less and it's easier for me to concentrate when I'm at work if I'm humming (in my head) along with some nice little tune.

Do you ever get stuck on a particular song?? I mean, like you cannot stop listening to it?? I've been stuck on 2 songs this week, "Soldier Girl" (the UK single version from the little ep) by the Polyphonic Spree and "Art Class" by Superchunk. They aren't very similar but I guess that they aren't all that different. It's like a couple of weeks ago, for some really weird reason which I can't pin-point, I couldn't stop listening to George Michael's (yeah, so what, shut up!!) "American Angel" and "Saddest Quo" by the Pernice Brothers.

Little meaningless weird coincidence, last week, I read a review of the Magic Numbers and made a mental note to check them out (they were compared to both the Spree and B&S). On Saturday morning, we get to Ottawa and my brother asks me if I'd heard the Magic Numbers. Well, as it happens I say, I hadn't. So he played us their CD and it's really good. I know that some reviewers say that the guy's vocals are thin (I personally don't think so but then I like other "thin-voiced" boy singers so there!) but I really like their sound. Reviews don't mean a lot to me when I actually like something. It's a warm, sunny sound. Can't we all just use a little more sunshine in our day?? I have a feeling that "Forever Lost" might make it into that "can' stop listening to it" category next week. Unfortunately, there is really no way to predict what the sticky track will be. If the snow stays around, I might get stuck on Savage Garden's version (cuz it's soooo cheesy) of "Last Christmas" and the Damned's "There Ain't No Santa Claus." Only time will tell I guess!!

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