Wednesday, June 23, 2004

sinking feelings

I have no idea how I will manage to get through all of this work I have to do before Friday. It's been a really meeting-heavy this week (hey, who am I trying to kid, they're all meeting-heavy these days!!).

Yesterday afternoon, the office was closed for the annual barbecue. Admittedly, I was not looking forward to going. Every year it's been held I've not been able to attend and I never really minded. It is held at our VP's cottage on the St. Lawrence River and it's a big pot luck. Tuesday morning started out really grey and yucky looking. On our way down to the cottage, it poured rain so hard you could hardly see where you were going. When we finally got there though, it had started to clear and it was a very nice afternoon. I was pretty surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It's a beautiful spot and it felt like a place I'd be happy to spend my summer at.

Unfortunately, the time away from the office only added to my angst about getting everything that I need to do, done. At the moment, I'm trying to do my very best so that I won't have to stay late or come in on Saturday to tie up loose ends. Wish me luck!!

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