Friday, June 04, 2004

happy friday!

Wow, it's almost the weekend. It's actually supposed to be sunny this weekend so, yay!

So, it is possible to O.D. on dah Idol. Not only was it on Tuesday night, it was also on Wednesday and Thursday. We didn't watch it last night, just taped it. I don't think I could stomach three nights of Jake Gold's mug to be honest. Anyway, we'll zoom through it on the weekend (gotta love watching junk tv on tape!!).

My parent's are celebrating their 38th Wedding Anniversary today. I just talked to my mum and they are spending the day shovelling topsoil around their back yard. Not exactly romantic but I suppose that's to be expected after 38 years. Maybe dirt is romantic anyway. They're working on it together without killing one another so that's definitely something to say about their relationship.

I don't think we have much planned for the weekend. Some gardening and lawn work, definitely. We'll probably barbecue at some point too (maybe more than once even, if it's nice). Whatever we get up to, it should be fun. I'm actually feeling like I might want to take a trip down to Gan to the casino for a couple of hours.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!

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