Tuesday, June 08, 2004

bye bye jo jo

Poor Jo Jo, he's been sent home home. We laughed so hard last night, watching WB Superstar. Some folks would argue that the premise is mean but I love it anyway. My personal favorite is Mario but not because he's horrible. He seems like a really nice guy. We thought that Jo Jo's performance last night was really terrible though and were quite surprised that he didn't make it into the top 3.

bye bye jo jo

Now, here is this week's TV Tuesday:

1. Do you watch daytime talk TV? If so, which shows do you watch? Do you prefer the calm shows like Oprah or the wilder side like Jerry Springer?

I'm not home during the day but I tape Dr Phil so I'll have something mindless to watch while I work out. I work out at 5:30 a.m. so unless I want to watch infomercials, I better have something on tape. Having said that, Jerry Springer is on when we're getting dinner ready so we do bop into it once in a while, I prefer Jerry to Oprah anyday.

2. Which daytime talk TV show would you like to be on? What would the topic be?

I don't think that I would ever want to be on a talk show to be honest.

3. Is there a daytime talk TV show you miss that's no longer on the air? Is there someone you'd like to see get a daytime talk TV show?

I miss Phil Donahue. They should totally bring Phil back.

~Bonus~ Before talk TV took over game shows ruled the airways during the day, which do you prefer? Or are you a soap opera fan?

I really hate game shows. Mark's dad is addicted to them though so we have to endure a lot of them. I liked them more when I was younger but the appeal has definitely worn off. If I happen to be home during the day, and the TV is on, I'm more than likely watching TLC or one of the movie channels than anything else.

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