Tuesday, June 29, 2004

more berries for us

On the way home from doing errands this afternoon we found a stand at the west end Canadian Tire store selling local strawberries. On Father's Day, we picked up a basket of them at a berry farm west of my folks' place and they were delicious. We had half planned to trek back out there again today but through we'd try this stand before we took that trip again. The ones we got today are lovely too. Really big and juicy. They are from a farm in Wellington I think. We also picked up some fresh peas, yum!

So far my week off is going really well. I've been getting some stuff done around the house (which is very good) and today we got all of our errands done (for a few days anyway). It's been sort of weird, winding down after things being so nutso at work. Weird but not too hard, it's been lovely actually, not having to be anywhere or do anything at specific times.

As much as possible, I'm trying to stick to my normal routine. Mark worked yesterday and part of today so that has helped as far as routine goes. He's booked off tomorrow and Thursday so we have some plans to get one more big project finished up as far as our bedroom / office stuff goes. It's mostly involving moving furniture around doing wiring. Fun huh??

It'll be really nice to get it done though. Once it's finished up, we can focus our energies on the garden. Right now it's basically thriving on neglect. The flower beds need weeded, the lawn needs mowed and a bunch of stuff my mum gave us needs planted. Once this moving/wiring project is done, I can putter in the garden all weekend. Again, fun fun fun huh??

Hopefully the weather will stay like is right now. We just got in from a nice walk around the neighbourhood and there is an absolutely gorgeous breeze blowing out there. It can stay like this all summer long and I won't complain a bit!!

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