Wednesday, June 02, 2004

it's baaaack!

Dah Idol returned last night. I can't wait, it's sick I know but hey, what's a girl to do?

I won't watch the yank version of it, I don't do reality television but Canadian Idol, I love. We got right into it from the beginning last year because I had heard that this kid from the neighbourhood I grew up in (where my folks still live), who's family I vaguely knew, had tried out. Actually being able to vote for something was a draw too, again, it's sick, I know, but hey, what do you want from me? Anyway, this kid from around the corner was Ryan Malcolm. Funny how that happens huh?

We had a lot of laughs at last night's episode. I love the beginning shows because the truly bad folks are shown and I love a genuinely bad singer any day. It's early I know but my money's on Brock Groombridge right now. He's completely charming and has a wonderful Beck-esque quality about him that Mark and I really love. He's also from Schomberg, Ontario so we would love to see another small town boy take it...again!

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