Sunday, June 06, 2004

lazy sunday morning

I woke up feeling really relaxed and refreshed this morning. We slept in a bit ('til around 7 or so) and it always feel good to just laze around in the morning rather than jumping out of bed to start the weekday race.

At work, we've been talking a lot about vacation days. I'm still not sure when I'm going to use mine up. We've been given July 2 off (to make a lovely 4 day weekend of Canada Day) and I have some lieu time coming to me for the weekend I worked at the beginning May. I decided to use 2 vacation days with this stuff and take a whole week off at the end of June. We have some projects that we wanted to get sorted out around the house so we'll probably do them then. I'll still have almost 3 weeks left to take after that though. Given that I'm starting a new job, and that our new team is particularly busy over the summer months, it's not looking like I will get to take two weeks off (in a row) when the weather is nice. Mark and I had been talking about taking a road trip down to the states in August but I doubt very much that'll happen now.

Today's looking promising, weather-wise. I think it's supposed to be nice. We were supposed to go see my folks yesterday but never made it so I think we'll see them later on this afternoon. Besides seeing them and doing a little laundry, I actually don't have much that I have to do today. Knowing that is a terrific feeling!

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